Blog Post #10

This will be my last post for class! The PowerPoint #2 assignment has taught me so much about the different ways to use PowerPoint! I loved working with the action buttons; now I can create review games like Jeopardy or creating a slideshow that does not have to follow one particular pattern. All this practice … Continue reading

Blog Post #9

I would most likely use projectors in daily classroom activities; the other peripheral devices I would use would be the speakers of the computer, possibly a tablet that could project to the screen, so that I could project what I was writing on a document in front of the class. These resources are all connected … Continue reading

Blog Post #8

I plan to use presentation software, like Microsoft PowerPoint and Prezi, in my classroom, but I do believe there are pros and cons to its use. Some major advantages, and the main reasons I will use it, are that it is a simple, quick way to organize information that needs to be presented to a … Continue reading

Blog Post #7

PowerPoint presentations offer a lot of opportunities for students to learn in different ways. In my Middle School Language Arts class, I would probably use PowerPoint to lecture, probably to give background information about a book in class, or perhaps to teach students basic writing tips. Let’s say that I am lecturing on the Modern … Continue reading

Websites: Differentiating the Real from the Hoax

“We used the questions in our concept map to evaluate the website. #3 GolfCross website was very tricky. We have never heard of this golf game that uses an oval ball. Some of the links on the website lead to other sources, but a few of the links do not lead to credible sources. We … Continue reading

Blog Post # 3

For this week’s blog, I’d like to critique the Apple website. As far as the rules for graphic and interface design, I’m pretty sure Apple knows what they’re doing because I love the site. Ithink that Apple uses general design principles well; for example, the multimedia principle is fulfilled as Apple uses words and images … Continue reading

Blog Post #2

As a student, I have used Microsoft Word to write papers, take notes, read syllabi, type reports, and many other little assignments. My most vivid memories of teachers using MS Word include when my AP English Literature teacher would type out paragraphs from good essays on MS Word and project them on the screen so … Continue reading

My Twitter Username

Here’s my Twitter username: See you in the twitterverse! 🙂

Blog Post #1

Computers are an important part of the education system because they provide opportunities for a better communication of information to students. Computers can work quickly and efficiently, and there are computer programs with creative uses to allow for a fuller, more personalized, and hands-on interaction with the material at hand, like academic games, or even … Continue reading

Blog post #0

My past experiences with technology include an internship position in which I was expected to create flyers using Microsoft Word as well as Microsoft Excel for a few projects simply entering data into cells. Most recently, I was enrolled and received an A in FSU’s CGS2060 computer fluency class. In this class, I learned the … Continue reading