Blog Post # 3

For this week’s blog, I’d like to critique the Apple website.

As far as the rules for graphic and interface design, I’m pretty sure Apple knows what they’re doing because I love the site. Ithink that Apple uses general design principles well; for example, the multimedia principle is fulfilled as Apple uses words and images in an aesthetically pleasing way (at least to my eyes).

Multimedia Principle: Fulfilled

Multimedia Principle: Fulfilled

Further, I think the orientation of headings is sufficient, as Apple conveniently puts every major category at the top of the page: easy to find the important things! I think the site is justified appropriately, and the type styles and colors are very minimalistic. They do not mix many styles, so their design is very consistent. I like that the color and font choices are simple instead of busy because I don’t like being distracted by design. There is not too much text, and I like the interactivity of simply scrolling over a tab at the top of the page, and having it change color slightly (I just like minimalistic things; they’re strangely pleasing to my eye!).

Interactivity, note the darkened "Store" tab at the top

Interactivity, note the darkened “Store” tab at the top

Interactivity, the horizontal, automatic scroller

Interactivity, the horizontal, automatic scroller

Apple doesn’t seem to use superfluous items, it uses upper and lowercase letters (can I just say, I think the capitalized second letter was a good choice for the company; so unique!), keeps lines shirt, uses appropriate spacing, has a simplified structure, limits focus to one product, provides appropriate emphasis with changing hyperlinks to blue and emboldening and darkening the names of products. Nothing flashes, the lists are appropriate, and the navigation buttons are easy to find (the top navigation bar is pictured above).

Bottom navigation links

Bottom navigation links

None of the text is stacked, it includes multiple graphic types that are pleasing to the eye, it organizes the screen well with white space and everything, the sizing is appropriate, and the placement of items on the page are all aesthetically pleasing to me.

I think that the Apple website follows all 23 rules and passes the visual critique of the book’s standards (as well as my own) with flying colors (excuse the pun).

As for the podcast for this week, I do think that open content and open source can be important for educators because they both allow for a community of people to share information and resources. I think that teachers can really benefit from the experience and knowledge of other teachers; it is a group effort, and the individual strengths of one teacher can make a huge difference in the classroom of another teacher. I would use open content materials because I believe I have a lot to learn from more experienced teachers, and using their materials could help me as I start out. I would, after years pass, try to give back and contribute to open content materials as well, to pay it forward. I am inexperienced with open source programs, but I do like working with websites and design to some degree, and if I could get educated in open source programs, I would try to participate. Open source programs seem very specific, and I think that teachers of younger grades probably will not have to deal with them as much.

I really enjoyed learning how to make a newsletter styled Word Document this week. Playing around with Word Art and Shapes and Tables was interesting for me. This assignment really gave me time to try out different color schemes and fonts, whereas I might have rushed through that before. I had trouble making one section of text two columns, but after lots of trial and error, I figured out that I could split a cell in the table I was working with, and get rid of the middle border, and it would let me enter two columns of text! I think this will help me create newsletter typed documents in the future, and I think it’s really useful to know how to enter hyperlinks and email links in a document, because that would be something I would do when making newsletters in the future. My newsletter would be for the parents or guardians of an 11th grade English class, and I used my high school’s name for lack of creativity. Hope you like it! Was it too PC to use “Guardian” instead of “Parent?”

My Newsletter

My Newsletter for the Word & Graphics 2 Assignment

One Response to “Blog Post # 3”
  1. bv10c says:

    The layout of your newsletter and your blog are so creative! Really great job.

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