Websites: Differentiating the Real from the Hoax


“We used the questions in our concept map to evaluate the website. #3 GolfCross website was very tricky. We have never heard of this golf game that uses an oval ball. Some of the links on the website lead to other sources, but a few of the links do not lead to credible sources. We have trouble visualizing this game when we have not heard of it. The website is out of date, but there is an Amazon book about Golfcross. The author of the book and the creator of the game is also the author of many silly and unrealistic books; such as “Dancing with Cats”. Our teacher believes that it is credible, but we disagree. We are not sure about Golfcross and wee believe it is a hoax. #4 The Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus is not a legitimate website or animal. The layout of the website looks very professional and appealing, but if you scroll to the bottom of the website it says, “This site is not associated with any school or educational organization, other than the Kelvinic University branch of the Wild Haggis Conservation Society. Not to be confused with the Pacific Northwest Octopus Tree.” The information included on the website is not true or accurate.”


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