Blog Post #10

This will be my last post for class!

The PowerPoint #2 assignment has taught me so much about the different ways to use PowerPoint! I loved working with the action buttons; now I can create review games like Jeopardy or creating a slideshow that does not have to follow one particular pattern. All this practice with PowerPoint has really helped me become more comfortable than I thought I could. Next time perhaps I will try to make the slideshow more of a game so that students will be more engaged. I will definitely try to make a similar PowerPoint in my class to the one I made to help explain certain works in an interactive way.

Here’s a screenshot:


The topics that I have most enjoyed reading about from my classmates’ blogs are hard to narrow down. It is so interesting to see how everyone comes from different technological backgrounds and experience levels. I love that we are all coming together to learn new things or just reinforce what we know. It is also really refreshing to see the different ways that my classmates plan to use the knowledge from this class in their future careers. The different subject areas and levels, from elementary, to special, to secondary schools and even non-educational careers, I am getting great ideas for the professional use of the tools we learn about in class.

The next technology skill I want to learn about probably has to do with grade-keeping or the websites that different schools use to keep in contact with students and parents, like Edline and Blackboard. I know I will have to use these sorts of programs in some schools, and I would like to get familiar with them before I start teaching; I know I will be busy planning lessons and organizing. I do not want to have to spend too much time with technology.

My goal for educational technology for the future is basically to continually learn about educational technology. I think that this class has really helped me in terms of where to look for information about ed tech. Collaborative aspects of technology like Wikis, Webquests, social networking tools like Twitter and blogs, and simple web searches can really help me keep up to date on technology. All of these tools will show me new ways to present information to my students. If I stay connected in these Web 2.0 tools, I know that I can be confident using technology in the classroom.

5 Responses to “Blog Post #10”
  1. cef1213 says:

    I would like to learn about grade keeping too!

  2. cbl11b says:

    I agree with how interesting the diversity in this class is. I also want to learn how to keep track of grades on an online gradebook, like the one I will most likely be using.

  3. lcj12 says:

    I think that learning how to use blackboard or something similar from the educator’s side would be very helpful!

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