Blog Post #9

I would most likely use projectors in daily classroom activities; the other peripheral devices I would use would be the speakers of the computer, possibly a tablet that could project to the screen, so that I could project what I was writing on a document in front of the class. These resources are all connected to the computer; they are projected from the computer to the rest of the room. It all depends on what sort of resources are available at the school I work at. Some non-computer audio-visual devices I could use would be posters or maybe a stereo to play a recording of an author or poet reading his or her work.

As far as a web-based resource that I would use in my classroom, databases would be of the most use to an English teacher. I think it would be useful to have a reliable and informational database from which to draw information about poems and poets. If this information could be recorded in a visually pleasing and orderly manner, I could be sure that my students are searching for poems and biographical information on poets in a trustworthy site.

The web based resource I chose to spotlight is part of the EBSCO Publishing website, which has an amazing database that I use for my research today. The specific site I chose is called the Columbia Granger’s Poetry Database. It boasts of many full-text poems, biographies, commentaries, and many anthologies. This would be very useful for a poetry project that I could assign my students. I also like it because it has a glossary so that you can look up poetry search terms. The only downfall is that the school (or I) would have to pay for a subscription to use the service. As a Florida State student, I have access to it as part of the cost of being a student.

As a 9th or 10th grade English teacher, I believe I will use Microsoft Word and Excel for record keeping purposes. I will use descriptive statistics like mean, median, and mode to analyze the grades of the students and let them know how they are doing in the class. I could use Microsoft Word to document lessons, and use Evernote (which I use now to keep recipes documented) to keep and organize notes. Diigo sounds like a useful tool to keep track of useful websites and put notes on them, and share those ideas with others.

For the PowerPoint 1 assignment, I chose to make a presentation on writing research papers. I broke it down into 10 major steps, including hyperlinks to other slides as well as hyperlinks to online resources like the Purdue OWL website which outlines how to use the MLA style to format papers and works cited pages. I enjoyed playing around with design colors and themes as well as animations for some of the images that I chose, as well as slide transitions. I liked the practice I got with making a presentation, making it visually pleasing and short and sweet. Jing is very fun to use, and it was cool to record my voice over the presentation. Maybe I could do something like that for students who missed class.

Here are some screen shots:

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5 Responses to “Blog Post #9”
  1. I think that projectors would be very useful, I mentioned them in my blog too. I hadn’t even thought about using Jing to record a lecture for students who missed class but that is a great idea.

  2. alliejacks says:

    The website you found sounds like it would be really helpful for the subject you are teaching. I never thought about using a projector in my classroom, but after reafding your blog I could definitely see myself using one. I have seen them in many classrooms and I know teachers use them a lot. They seem like a very helpful tool to display information to your students.

  3. tjc197 says:

    I like the idea of using Jing for students who missed class!

  4. lcj12 says:

    Your PowerPoint looks incredible! It looks like you really know a lot about different features you can add into your presentation! I also like your idea about using Jing for students who missed class, I had never thought of using it that way!

  5. s21p says:

    I like the idea of using Jing for students that have missed class. Also your Power Point looks well organized.

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