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My past experiences with technology include an internship position in which I was expected to create flyers using Microsoft Word as well as Microsoft Excel for a few projects simply entering data into cells. Most recently, I was enrolled and received an A in FSU’s CGS2060 computer fluency class. In this class, I learned the basics of Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and Excel. I was expected to complete two assignments using Microsoft Word, one assignment with Powerpoint and one assignment using Excel. In everyday life, I use an iPod to chat with my best friend, listen to music, play games, and set wake-up alarms. Finally, I use a computer mainly for school, but also for social networking websites like Facebook and Tumblr on occasion.
In this class, I hope to learn how to effectively learn how to use technology in ways that will help me become a better teacher. I understand that as we are becoming more and more reliant on technology, and as it offers many opportunities to communicate effectively and creatively, a working knowledge of technology can greatly improve teaching methods and capacity for learning. I hope to learn skills that will allow me to make full use of the technology available for new, innovative ways to facilitate learning.
Today, I learned that my learning styles are mild; that is, I am not strongly one style or another. Specifically, I lean more towards reflective, intuitive, verbal, and sequential learners. I learned that as a reflective learner, I should make time to review notes and maybe even write them in my own words to help them stick. As an intuitive learner, I have found that I enjoy when ideas connect and overlap in classes. I hope to focus more on finding these connections. As a verbal learner, though I am close to a visual learner as well, I will outline and highlight any course material that I find particularly difficult. I have found that I am very much a sequential learner, and I think it would be very beneficial to create a logical sequence out of any class material that does not make sense to me; then, I will better see the big picture and learn in the most effective way possible.


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