Blog Post #2

As a student, I have used Microsoft Word to write papers, take notes, read syllabi, type reports, and many other little assignments. My most vivid memories of teachers using MS Word include when my AP English Literature teacher would type out paragraphs from good essays on MS Word and project them on the screen so … Continue reading

My Twitter Username

Here’s my Twitter username: See you in the twitterverse! 🙂

Blog Post #1

Computers are an important part of the education system because they provide opportunities for a better communication of information to students. Computers can work quickly and efficiently, and there are computer programs with creative uses to allow for a fuller, more personalized, and hands-on interaction with the material at hand, like academic games, or even … Continue reading

Blog post #0

My past experiences with technology include an internship position in which I was expected to create flyers using Microsoft Word as well as Microsoft Excel for a few projects simply entering data into cells. Most recently, I was enrolled and received an A in FSU’s CGS2060 computer fluency class. In this class, I learned the … Continue reading