Blog Post #5

The Web 2.0 tool that I think I would use in my classroom would be Scribd is an online library, a database containing documents from categories like school work to science to creative writing. It allows users to publish works of their own. In the past, I have seen recipes and homework pages shared on Scribd. Further, a user’s Facebook profile can be linked to their Scribd account, so that whatever you read or whatever you publish can be shared with your Facebook friends.

I think in a middle or high school Language Arts or English classroom, Scribd could be used in a few ways. Students could publish their own essays, poems, or other assignments to be reviewed or commented on by their fellow classmates or other Scribd users, but probably just classmates. They could also use Scribd as a resource for papers, as some users have published research articles on the site, like those on other research databases I have mentioned in past posts. Scribd just seems like an endless, entertaining resource for learning about anything you feel like. I just learned about the site, and I feel a lot more productive when browsing Scribd than I do on most other sites!

I think that Web 2.0 tools are very useful in the classroom. YouTube and blogs can be really useful, as the podcast discusses. Blogs can share students’ ideas with each other, and Wikis are a great opportunity to share knowledge and topics to learn about. I think Twitter is an interesting new Web 2.0 tool that I’ve really only experienced in college. I think it could be a little more difficult to monitor than the other Web 2.0 tools, though. Diigo is something I’ve never heard of, but I like the idea of notes being taken by many students, so everyone can see how the different notes compare and contrast. It sounds like a great way to gain as much knowledge as possible by looking at the same resource from many different viewpoints, and sharing these viewpoints instead of keeping them to yourself. I think that the collaboration available through Web 2.0 tools can be very useful in the classroom; the only issue is monitoring and filtering through inappropriate things for students.

Efficient web searching is useful in everyday life as well as school work. I liked the WebHunt assignment, but I felt like I was forgetting to use some search tips we went over in class since there was so much freedom. Also, even though a lot of great tips were introduced in class, I feel like I’m a creature of habit, and am searching the way I always did before. I will definitely have to look up the slides from our internet search lecture to refresh my memory and make searching more accurate and quick!

3 Responses to “Blog Post #5”
  1. bv10c says:

    Scribd is defintely a knowledgeable source and essential for many teachers and students.

  2. cc12k says:

    I think Scribd sounds like a really great web 2.0 tool, and it will be especially helpful in the classroom.

  3. mek12d says:

    Scribd sounds like a good source and tool to use in the classroom. I think that being able to publish your own works is really cool. Also i agree that web 2.0 tools should be used in the classroom because they are used in other peoples day to day lives so you might as well make them familiar with it while you can.

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